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Just like physical health, our mental health can have ups and downs. Even if we have stressful and challenging lives, we may create ways of living that allow us to live a better and more productive life. No information is lacking on suggested methods to keep you mentally healthy. But, we pinpoint the five most important, healthy behaviours that everyone should include in their everyday life.

Mental health

Before telling that, what are THE TOP 5 GOLDEN RULES TO KEEP YOU MENTALLY HEALTHY and how we can adopt these best habits in our daily life? First, it is necessary to know that why is it important to take care of your mental health?

Why is keeping good mental health Important?

A positive mental attitude can improve your mental health, strengthen your relationships, increase success possibilities, and extend your lifetime. According to Alzheimer’s Association, maintaining your brain active will increase its vitality, and also, constructively doing new things appears to assist brain cells and connections.

In essence, breaking out of your habitual also can maintain you mentally healthy. According to the sayings of Hippocrates,

“A wise man should consider that mental health is that the greatest of human blessings, and find out how by his thoughts to derive benefits from his illness.”

5 golden rules to keep you mentally healthy

Everyone suggests; a good healthy diet, better sleep, doing exercise, drinking plenty of water, and much more. Which is also helpful for your mental health. But I will suggest to you; these five super healthy rules, which you can adopt to stay mentally healthy and can improve your living lifestyle. THE TOP 5 GOLDEN RULES TO KEEP YOU MENTALLY HEALTHY are:

  1. Connect yourself with others
  2. Stay positive in every situation
  3. Select a hobby of your type
  4. Spend time with yourself
  5. Setting goals
5 golden rules to keep you mentally healthy
Mental health

We’ll discuss them one by one, with their importance as well as that, how can we do that? So, first of all,

Connect yourself with others:

Research shows that connecting with others and forming good relationships with family and friends is one of the best habits that help to keep the mental status healthy. Developing stronger, vast social connections with your family, friends, and loved ones can boost your level of confidence and feeling of happiness.

Importance of Connecting yourself with others:

Connecting with others can assist with the entire feeling of self-satisfaction and purpose. It can reduce our stress, help to add years to our life and decrease the risk of loneliness and depression.

How can we connect with others?

  • Spend worthful time with your loved ones.
  • Visit a family member or loved one who needs support or company.
  • Arrange outings/picnics with family or friends
  • Smiling is the easiest method of connecting.

Stay positive in every situation:

One of the major rules of the top 5 golden rules to keep you mentally healthy is to keep yourself positive in every circumstance. Train your mind to envision positivity in every situation. Stay positive in every condition and don’t lose hope because difficult roads result in a beautiful destination.

Importance to stay positive in every situation:

Positive thinking deals with stress management and overcomes the risk of depression. A positive mindset enables you to deliver optimism into your life and makes it simple to keep away from worries and negative thinking. It may bring constructive changes into your life and make your life happier, stressless, brighter, focused, and more successful.

How are you able to keep yourself positive in every situation?

  • Learn to require criticism in a very positive way.
  • Cultivate yourself in a positive environment.
  • Find positivity in every situation
  • Through meditation.

Select a hobby of your type:

A hobby is an interest or action done for happiness or relaxation during a person’s spare time, not as an occupation. Make yourself busy by doing something which will give you satisfaction and make you feel relaxed. Have some fun and constructive activities to build up your mental health.

Why is a hobby essential for mental health?

Hobbies have offered; us lower anxiety, good physical health, better sleep, raised confidence level, increased happiness, and have more social connections.

Hobbies are necessary to having a busy and joyful life. Saving a while for yourself to experience a hobby can offer the physical, intellectual, emotional, and creative advantages that make lifestyles meaningful, enjoyable, and fun.

Spend time with yourself:

Spending time yourself provides your brain time to understand itself, think decently and focus on your goals. Researches show that the power to tolerate alone time, increases happiness, improved life satisfaction, and rectifies stress management. Those who enjoy alone time experience less depression.

Importance of spending time with yourself:

  • Gives you a way of inner strength.
  • Connects ourselves in an exceedingly mindful and grounded way.
  • Increases our resilience.
  • Facilitates self-love.

Setting goals:

Setting goals; makes you able to focus on your objectives, guides you to encounter new challenges, and helps you to maintain momentum in your lifestyle. Aims also help align your goals and promote a way of self-mastery. Goals; not only activate us and upgrade our level of mental health but can also raise the level of personal and professional achievements

Importance of Setting goals:

  • Gives you the courage of decision making.
  • Gives you a futuristic approach.
  • Gives you control over your future, and how do you polish your future?
  • Increases your level of motivation.
  • Gives you the courage to face new life challenges.


Mental Health
Importance of Mental health
Importance of mental health

Summing up, the importance of mental health, in a nutshell, is that “There isn’t any health without mental health.” Mental health isn’t a destiny it’s a procedure that what process you use to drive, not the route where you are going. So, include these 5 golden rules in your life and see the miracle.


  • What should be the criteria ideal mental health?

Ans: According to American Psychological Association: An individual should be able to stand on his own two feet without making undue demands or impositions on others.

  • What are common mental health issues?

Ans: The most common mental health issues, which people are facing nowadays are,

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • stress
  • Phobia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Schizophrenia and the list goes on.
  • What are the signs of good mental health?

Ans: The most common signs to detect good mental health are,

  • You feel happy
  • you will be confident
  • You will never afraid to take decision independently
  • You will be passionate about your goal
  • You will be able to create a strong relationship with others
  • You will feel inner peace and so on

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