Future’s King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI

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Intelligence, whether human or artificial, plays a major role. (Artificial intelligence) AI vs HI (human intelligence) are hotly argued subjects not only now, but for years. Human intelligence is an attribute that facilitates humans in understanding, analyzing, and dealing with issues with creative thinking, while artificial intelligence is a system that replicates human intelligence depending on the data it receives. 

AI vs HI
Artificial intelligence Vs Human intelligence 
Future's King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI
Future’s King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI


Is AI technology more efficient than HI? What impact will it have on future generations? Who will be the king of the future? Will AI technology completely replace human intelligence? So you’ll discover all the answers to these questions in this blog, and then you’ll determine for yourself which technology is the best and will endure the longest.

So stick with us and pay close attention to every point that we gonna discuss in our blog since we make a conscious effort to cover every aspect of these technologies so you can easily understand the upsides and downsides of each. We shall begin our blog by explaining what intelligence is? What is the difference between AI and HI? and their type, followed by a comparison of these two. So let’s get started on the contentious issue.

What is Intelligence?

The ability to grasp or understand is referred to as intelligence. Intelligence is fundamentally a blend of logic, memory, creativity, and perception; each of these abilities is dependent on the others. It is a mix of cognitive abilities and information manifested in adaptive actions, rather than a specific entity within a person.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The term “artificial intelligence” was initially used in a proposal presented in DARTMOUTH in the summer of 1956 by a team led by Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, Claude Shannon, and John McCarthy.

The goal of this proposal is to enhance and discover ways for machines to understand and utilize language, generate ideas and concepts, solve issues that are now designed for humans, and develop themselves.

Artificial intelligence 
Artificial intelligence Vs Human intelligence 
AI vs HI
Future's King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI
Future’s King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI

Definition of Artificial intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent devices that can accomplish activities that would generally demand human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capability of a computer-controlled robot or a digital computer to accomplish jobs that humans do. The concept is widely used to refer to a program designed to create systems that have human-like cognitive abilities, such as reasoning ability, discerning meaning, extrapolating, and learning from previous experiences. 

Types of AI:

There are several different types of AI, but the four most prominent and fundamental are:

  1. Reactive Machines
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self-Aware

Other types of AI are:

Other types of artificial intelligence are being noticed by the more tech-savvy public. They have a similar structure, but they are written with a deeper basis on what artificial intelligence is employed for, its true potential, and how it aids humanity’s advancement. The following are the three kinds:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. Artificial General Intelligence
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is automating tedious tasks at work, allowing people to reach new levels of self-awareness and experience continual states of development and improvement.

Human Intelligence (HI)

What is Human Intelligence (HI)?

Human intelligence (HI) is a frame of mind that involves the potential to understand via experience, adapt to changes and new situations, understand and handle complicated ideas, and shape one’s surroundings through knowledge.

Human Intelligence (HI)
Artificial intelligence vs Human Intelligence 
AI vs HI
Future's King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI
Future’s King: An in-depth comparison between AI vs HI

Definition of Human Intelligence (HI): Human intelligence is a term that describes a person’s mental powers, which are identified by advanced cognitive ability, as well as high levels of enthusiasm and self-awareness. High intelligence has been associated with long-term success.

Understanding the brain processes that enable this worldwide mental ability may have huge implications for individuals and communities. Structure and functional brain imaging investigations have largely shown the presence of a frontal and parietal network implicated in intelligence. This network has been found to help cognitive activities including analysis, short-term memory, and linguistics.

Types of HI:

There are several other kinds of human intelligence, but we’ll deal with the three most important: 

  1. Intelligence Quotient
  2. Spiritual Quotient
  3. Emotional Quotient.

Comparison between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence:

Let’s take a brief look at the variations between AI and HI’s capabilities first:

No.CapabilitiesHuman IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence
01.StateBrains are analogAI is digital
02.Energy efficiencyConsumes≈25 watts of energyA single-chip utilizes roughly a 2 watts of energy
03.Working accuracyLess accurateMore accurate
04.Decision makingIt takes time to make decisions.Make decisions in seconds.
05.Error analysisTakes time with less accuracyFast with accuracy
06.MultitaskingWorks on multiple tasks while taking less time to learn.Works on specific tasks while taking more time to accomplish its responsibilities.
07.Speed of executionsslowVery fast
08.Welcome to new changesTakes time to adapt to changesFrequently adapt to new changes
09.CreativityVery creative and innovativeNon-creative simply follow the directions
10.knowledge preservationShort-LivedPermanent

This is just a basic comparison between AI and HI. Let us now evaluate their pluses and minuses to solve the problem regarding who will be the future monarch.

Detailed Comparison: Is AI technology more efficient than HI? 

To be very straightforward, AI is everywhere. Even if you’re reading this post on your computers, tablets, cellphones, or any other electronic gadget, AI is there. We cannot deny the increasing power of AI but at the same time, if you are looking for the power of HI so it should be enough to know that, AI was created by human intelligence. 

  • In terms of AI and HI effectiveness, human intelligence aims to adapt to current surroundings by integrating multiple cognitive processes, however artificial intelligence aims to build technology that can simulate humans and do human-like activities. As a result, machines are digital whereas the human brain is analog.
  • Human intelligence’s general role is creativity since it can build, cooperate, generate ideas, and execute. In terms of AI, its general job is to optimize tasks by accomplishing them properly according to what they’ve been coded for.
  • Humans, since we all know, learn from mistakes and experiences, and creative ideas and smart attitudes are the cornerstones of human intelligence. And if we examine, smart machines are incapable of thinking and learning from the past. Machines can learn from the knowledge and frequent training based on the data that was provided, but they are never able to think like humans. 
  • The fundamental distinction is that humans employ their minds, cognitive abilities, and memory, however, Ai technologies rely on data supplied to them.
  • Artificial intelligence may assist businesses with a plethora of benefits, including improved productivity and cooperation. Like, it may lead to higher demand for products and services, as well as a financial incremental model that communicates and raises the standard of living.
  • Artificial Intelligence has yet to grasp the capacity to pick up on connected social and enthusiastic codes. Humans are good at socializing in many aspects because they can produce intellectual facts, are more self-aware, and are aware of the feelings of others.
  • In comparison to humans, AI-driven technologies such as robots, humanoids, bots, and digitized humans have a faster rate of execution, greater operational capability, and precision, while humans have a very slow rate of implementation and operational capacities with less accuracy.
  • AI machines like computers can digest more data much faster than humans. Like, the human brain can finish a task in 5 minutes, and AI can tackle multiple tasks in one minute.
  • Humans are far better at socializing than other creatures because they can comprehend abstract concepts, have self-awareness, and are aware of the emotions of others. However, AI still lacks the ability to understand basic socioemotional signs.

What impact will AI have on future generations? 

Artificial intelligence is influencing the future of almost every sector as well as every person on the planet. From medical achievements in cancer research to climate change studies, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important. Artificial intelligence is already present in our smart gadgets, automobiles, health service, and favorite applications. 

It has served as the guiding factor behind developing new technologies such as nanotechnology, robotic systems, and the Internet of Things, and it still has the potential to surprise us in the future with different and modern technologies. Because AI is the cornerstone of computer learning, artificial intelligence is very crucial to our future. 

Computers can handle huge volumes of data and employ their developed intelligence and machine learning to make ideal judgments and findings in the relatively short time it takes humans. Globally connected artificial intelligence, according to analysts, will increase human productivity but ultimately jeopardize human ownership, liberty, and abilities.

They argued that computers can meet or even beat human intelligence and capabilities in areas like intelligent decision-making, thinking, and understanding, sophisticated analysis, and data modeling, peripheral vision, voice recognition, and word recognition. 

Intelligent” technology in communities, autos, architecture and utilities, agriculture, and business operations, according to experts, will save time, energy, wealth, and health, as well as provide people with opportunities to encounter a more personalized future.

So it’s a terrible idea to underestimate AI’s potential since the demand for AI technology grows over time as it becomes more popular in future generations, making it difficult to live without it.

Artificial intelligence vs Human intelligence: 
AI vs HI
Artificial intelligence vs Human intelligence: Who will be the future king?  
Artificial intelligence vs Human intelligence: Who will be the future king?  

Conclusion: Who will be the future king?  

Whether we recognize it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us, such as when we use Google Maps, auto spell, voice assistants, biometrics, and so on. AI is a powerful technology as it supports robots in copying human action based on their behavior while simultaneously transforming business, and mechanization, along with intelligent management, will ultimately become the mainstream across all professions. 

AI has a good grasp on smart behavior, yet it cannot replicate a human’s thinking processes. Researchers and specialists are still baffled by the human mind’s puzzle, it’s implausible that we’ll be able to develop machines that can “think” like people very soon. 

To summarise, human talents will be the primary driving force behind AI’s future development. It will be boosted by human intellect and cognition.

Q#01: Will AI technology completely replace HI?

Ans: The growing popularity of artificial intelligence cannot be understated. AI has taken over all occupations and left such indelible imprints that no profession or industry can prosper in the absence of AI technology. Human intelligence, on the other hand, is the intelligence that led to the birth of AI.

HI not only advances technology but also makes humans more competitive. So, without giving it a second thought, we can claim that AI will require many decades to match the level of human intellect. While eliminating HI with AI is a dream that will almost possibly never actually happen.

Q#02: Will robots put people out of work?

Ans: People are so concerned that robots will ultimately take their employment; nevertheless, many areas are relatively secure from automation. IT professionals will achieve sustained competitive advantage to implement the new technology and security mechanisms that enable AI to function.

Health professionals and teaching staff will never be able to be replaced by robots because the job they conduct directly with patients and students cannot be copied.

Q#03: What are some of the most unexpected AI inventions in the last few years?

Ans: The creative aspect of AI will rise in the next few years, as we’ve seen new developments in recent years. Like,

  • AI Workforce Augmentation
  • Better Language Modelling Capability
  • Cybersecurity
  • The Metaverse
  • Autonomous Cars

Aside from these advancements, however, human augmentation occupies a unique position. Human augmentation, as a result of this technology, increases human capacities while also reducing human limitations.

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