Grammarly Affiliate Program Review in 2021

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Grammarly Affiliate Program Review in 2021

03/31/2021 10:30 PM by Shahzada Waleed in Articles

Grammarly Affiliate Program Details  
Type High-paying affiliate program
Price Feel free to join
Program Details $50 minimum payout
14% or flat $20 per sale commission
90-day cookie policy
Rating 5/5


Grammarly Affiliate Program Review 2021


Are you interested in learning more about the Grammarly affiliate program?


I hear that's a yes, and in this Grammarly affiliate program review, we'll observe how you can use it to earn significantly more money from the blog. Grammarly is among the best grammar and punctuation checker software available on the market. Add contains a rather lucrative affiliate well, which pays adequate referral income for every lead you send them.


If you're looking for the best cost per activity (CPA) or pay per lead affiliate program for your website, which converts well, the Grammarly referral app can be something. Let's head over to your Grammarly affiliate program inspection and see how they might assist you in making money making it.

Let's start, shall we?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly Affiliate Program: In the event, you don't know, Grammarly is just a proofreader, an internet grammar and punctuation tool that sits right on your browser and detects grammatical mistakes and grammatical mistakes in your writing.


The best thing is, it assesses 400+ contextual errors that MS Word, along with other writing tools, fail to detect. It is likewise a full-fledged plagiarism checker tool that detects traces of copied content from your essay/writing.

Grammarly feature highlights and also how they can help you

Apart from the features mentioned above, here is the way Grammarly is an excellent tool for the blogging toolbox.

Vocabulary augmentation: Grammarly helps you boost your language by suggesting better word phrases and synonyms to those you have written. It assesses your backup for errors and circumstances depending on the document it is in.


Compose from anywhere: Grammarly isn't just an internet tool, but you can put it to use like an MSWord add-in (if you are using MS Word), it also checks your articles directly from WordPress editing dash, email customers, and even social media marketing upgrades.

See my Grammarly Review 2021 for more detailed attributes of Grammarly.

Now that you know very well what Grammarly is and just how beneficial it can be for your readers along with other bloggers, you are prepared to promote Grammarly and also earn money from the affiliate application.

Let's see how inside our detailed Grammarly affiliate program review.


Grammarly affiliate application is a pay-per-lead affiliate application, which means that you receive paid once anybody even subscribes to the free program of Grammarly. Should they upgrade (which is likely given the benefits of Grammarly), you will get a second big commission.

One key aspect you have to see is, Grammarly pays greater than one way for precisely the exact referral. This means that you may earn commissions on a variety of ideas outside of every single subscription.

Let's see?

What is Grammarly affiliate?
Does Microsoft have an affiliate program?
Can I get a Grammarly premium for free?
How do I get an affiliate link?

What is the affiliate commission of a successful webmaster for Grammarly?

Grammarly Affiliate Program

  • Massive $20 commission for each person upgrades to premium Grammarly. Believe me; updating is easy because once someone signs up for the free edition, he'll cherish it and look forward to all its features.
  • If a person becomes an affiliate under your referral, you earn a passive income of 10% of most of the referral income they make for the lifetime!
  • It isn't all, for those who develop into top grosser or top-performing affiliates, you obtain many out-of-the-world bonuses after attaining their referral degrees. Their bonus commissions vary like:
  • Should you earn $2000 in a month as an affiliate income, then you get an additional $200 for a free bonus without even doing anything extra.
  • If you pass this degree and make a referral income of $4000 a month, you get a $400 bonus.
  • If you make $8000 per month you get $800 as a bonus and so on.
  • Grammarly gives you an instant $25 as soon as you are approved to become an affiliate of Grammarly. You can avail the figure with the addition of a Grammarly banner (premade on your affiliate dash) in your blog sidebar.
  • Here is my welcome email delivered by Grammarly once I joined them straight back in 2015 (that offer is still up and running).
  • It is like getting paid even before sending any real clients to Grammarly.
  • Pro-tip: Adding a banner to get a moment $25 bonus is not too far to ask. Plus, you'll be able to add your affiliate link for this particular banner. Therefore, anyone of one's readers that clicks on this banner ad will entitle your affiliate commission.
  • The Way to Combine As Grammarly Affiliate & Receive $25 Activation Bonus
  • To join a Grammarly affiliate, abide by the subsequent steps.
  • Click here to Visit the Grammarly Affiliate signup page.
  • Fill out your preferred account and you are good to go.
  • In the following steps, add your website details and payment advice (direct bank transfer or via test ) to finish the procedure. It only takes 5 minutes.
  • Grammarly verifies and approves affiliates within 12 business days, so have patience and wait for their welcome email.
  • After that, log in to your affiliate dashboard and also download a ready-made creative that matches your blog's branding (they have over 120 creative of all different styles and branding).
  • Please put it in your blog with your affiliate or Grammarly referral connection and reply back to the welcome email to get the first $25 Grammarly affiliate detection bonus.
  • Start promoting Grammarly (see just how, below) to generate passive income from the blog.

How To Make Money By Promoting Grammarly As An Affiliate?

Below are some fun and simple techniques to promote Grammarly and make affiliate income through their blog or elsewhere.

Primarily, receive your Grammarly referral link from ShareASale (Grammarly's affiliate dashboard). It looks a bit ugly and doesn't encourage clicks (like any affiliate URL). So cloak it with the pretty link plugin (free variation is enough), which allows you to mask off that nasty URL to a good-looking and click-inviting link. By way of instance,

  • Write a Grammarly review on your weblog, so your readers understand about it and also receive introduced to its features. (Reviews are also an excellent way to earn referral commissions. I was hoping you could have a look at my Grammarly review to find a notion of how to compose an assessment that converts.)
  • Place a banner on your blog, preferably above the fold, to ensure that it grabs attention.
  • Write out list posts where you can highlight their features (assess my essential content production tool article where Grammarly tops the list)
  • Promote it underneath all your blog articles via the banner ads provided to you. One of these could be that of the banner below. You can place it after your blog post.
  • If you do not have a blog (learn just how to start a website and earn money here), you can foster your link to good friends and coworkers via email (put it into an email signature) or social networking upgrades.
  • Grammarly comes with a cookie-cutter period of 90 days, so anyone who signs up for Grammarly within 90 days of clicking that your connection makes you a commission. A few months is a long time and energy to convert someone I have to state.
  • How Can Grammarly Pay its Affiliates?
  • As I said, Grammarly overlooks the 20th-21st of monthly.
  • The charge is made via check or direct bank transfer, which makes the whole process a lot easier and more protected.


Grammarly Affiliate Program: With this, we summarize the review of Grammarly affiliate applications and also wish you all the chance to start earning from it. Grammarly has a generous affiliate program, and only a little dedication can quickly make you 1000 -$2000 per month from Grammarly alone.


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