Fabulous App Review 2022: How can this app positively impact your life?

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In recent years, mental health motivators and training applications have become increasingly popular in these depressing and anxious times, as people strive to fit in some meditation and good habits into their hectic schedules. That’s an exciting feature for mobile app developers, who are constantly trying to find new ways to make their apps more valuable to users.

According to a University College London study, it takes a minimum of 66 days for a new behavior to become habitual. However, many people make drastic changes to their routines and behaviors, only to burn out within a few days. This is where Fabulous comes into play.

Many of you are undoubtedly already familiar with Fabulous, a terrific habit tracker and fitness motivator program that helps you incorporate healthy behaviors into your life.

Read this article to learn more about the Fabulous app and how it may help you live a healthier lifestyle. We’ll go through every feature of this software to make you aware of it.

Fabulous App 
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Fabulous App Review 2022: How can this app positively impact your life?

What is a Fabulous app?

The fabulous app, which was developed at Duke University, employs behavioral science to assist individuals in making wise decisions and developing healthy behaviors. Fabulous is a health and fitness-themed daily self-care software accessible to Android & iOS users.

The program breaks down behaviors into short, manageable tasks and “journeys” allowing you to develop habits over time. The first step is to establish a healthy morning routine to set yourself up for a productive day.

You may then “stack” more habits onto your journey over time. This is a common approach for maintaining long-term behaviors. Using the app, you can personalize your routines and choose which behaviors to stack. 

Fabulous Achievements:

  • The best self-care apps in the app store for 2018.
  • Finalist in the Google Play Awards for Best App.
  • The winner of Google’s Material Design Award.

How does the Fabulous App perform?

Signing up:

  • The fabulous app features a user-friendly design with a soothing blue and purple color scheme.
  • There’s also built-in music, background sounds, and attractive backdrop templates.
  • Once you open the app, you’ll be asked some questions, including your name and email address, as well as “What one change would enhance your life right now?” It will also ask about how you identify, how much sleep you get each night, and how you feel throughout the day.
  • Fabulous will ask you to sign a “contract” after you answer a few more basic questions and Fabulous will create a “journey” for you based on your responses. And here’s how the contract looks:

“I, [your name], will make the most of tomorrow. I will always remember that I will not live forever. Every fear and irritation that threatens to distract me will become fuel for building my best life one day at a time.”


The app’s initial journey focuses on incorporating one good step into your daily routine, such as drinking water as soon as you get up.

After you’ve established the habit of drinking water, you may add a new habit to your morning routine, including having a nutritious meal or exercising right after you get up. Fabulous allows you to participate in up to 14 journeys. The first adventure is the only one that has been unlocked. Clearing the 1st chapter unlocks the 2nd, and “unlocking” a task takes 3 days.

When you wake up, the Fabulous app may notify you to accomplish your daily challenge. After your first task is complete, you will be given the opportunity to enable notifications.

The software reacts with words of encouragement and magical sound effects each time you mark a habit as accomplished or finish an entire program successfully. The program will reward you with a new challenge or a special letter whenever you’ve finished a streak.


The “launch” icon on the app’s bottom allows users to access challenges. Each challenge is designed to achieve a certain goal, and the majority of them require less time than a journey.

Weekly live tasks are also possible, allowing you to work together with other society members to accomplish your objectives.

The following are some examples of various tasks from which you can choose:

  • Fasting Challenge for 7 Days
  • Group Study Challenge for 3 Day
  • No-Smoking Challenge for 5 Days
  • Healthy Eating Challenge for 30 Days
  • The Social Media Detox Challenge is a seven-day challenge that encourages people to disconnect from social media.

When you start your challenge, you may choose from a variety of “super powers” to help you stay committed, such as posting on Insta, leaving sticky notes about your home, or adopting a mindful routine.

Remember that you may only engage in one journey or task at a time, so you may need to pause or stop working on one to join another.

Make me Fabulous:

This is a collection of guided training sessions designed to help you improve your Fabulous journey. You can keep track of your progress by looking at the dashboard, which shows your goals and how well you’re doing on your journey. 

Fabulous app collaborated with leading experts to produce these sessions, which include exercise, yoga, meditation, deep work, getting inspired, fabulous deep, and others. They continually update them with fresh ideas from scientific investigations.

After choosing a category, you can pick an activity from their library according to how much time you have available. Each task has a timer next to it so you can know how long it’ll take you to finish.

After completing a task, you will be offered the option to read a quick inspiring message to motivate you to proceed. You will receive a weekly summary report and letter from the Fabulous team to examine.

Fabulous App 
Self-care App
Fabulous is a health and fitness-themed daily self-care App

Fabulous pricing:

The journeys are free of cost. The app provides a 7-day free trial for the paid premium version with more features. Then it’s $3.33 per month, payable annually for $39.99.

Additional features of the Fabulous Premium version:

The app’s premium edition additionally gives you access to:

  • One-on-one coaching to keep you interested and motivated.
  • Fitness programs that are integrated.
  • Assist in building a morning routine.
  • The health advice that is suited to your specific need.
  • All premium journey is included.
  • Premium sessions “Make me feel fabulous.”
  • New background music has been added for a fabulous event.

Pros and Cons:


  • The programs are scientifically supported and developed in partnership with researchers.
  • There are several workouts and meditations available.
  • All of the procedures indicate how long each activity will take.
  • It includes an easy-to-use interface with appealing visuals and designs.
  • It employs a “gamified” experience that can make decision-making and consistency more pleasurable.


  • It’s easy to dismiss the alerts.
  • There is no reminder that your free trial is about to expire.
  • Editing from the previous day is impossible if you forget to mark it up on the app, resulting in a loss of progress.
  • The free version offers fewer features, so you’ll have to pay for the premium version if you want more.
  • You can’t form non-daily habits.
  • The weight-loss element of the healthy eating section focuses on reducing weight, which may not be everyone’s objective and may be upsetting for others.


Fabulous is an app that encourages users to develop ` like feeling more energetic, getting in shape, sleeping properly, and meditating. This application can turn us into the productive people we’ve all wanted to be, and it does it flawlessly. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have versions of the app.

This app is highly recommended for individuals who deal with procrastination, laziness, or just wish to jump-start their productivity. It will assist you in getting back on the right track.

This app makes scheduling and goal planning simple by combining statistics with the science of habit. The app, like anything else, is only useful if you use it regularly.

Q#01: Is it possible to receive a refund from Fabulous App?

Ans: In general, all purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no returns or credits for periods that have been partially utilized. You can terminate your Fabulous membership at any moment, and you’ll still be able to use Fabulous’s features until the end of your monthly period.

Q#02: Is the Fabulous app effective?

Ans: We all have a bucket of desires we’d want to get done faster or more effectively, but putting those desires or wishes into action and implementing lifestyle changes may be challenging. And then there’s fabulous, who makes desires come true. 

Yes, the Fabulous app is quite useful and effective. Fabulous is a self-improvement software with a laid-back attitude toward the process. It helps you establish new habits by providing science-based suggestions as well as simple and easy daily activities.

Q#03: What are the Fabulous alternatives?

A list of apps that are similar to Fabulous is listed below:

  • “Headspace” is suitable for meditating.
  • “iBreathe” is suitable for relieving stress.
  • “Happify” will help you in planning your day around your routine.
  • “Recovery Record” is suitable for eating disorders.
  • “Productive” is suitable for those looking for tips on how to develop good habits.

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