Human Augmentation 2022: How does human augmentation take humanity to the next level?

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Do you know how human augmentation is going to bring a drastic change in the future of humanity? What kind of these changes will be? Will this affect humankind? And a lot of Questions which are revolving in your mind? So, this article will open up the knots present in your mind. So before answering these questions, you must know what actually human augmentation is?

Human Augmentation 
Human Augmentation 2022
What is human augmentation?
Human Augmentation 2022: What is human augmentation?

What is Human Augmentation?

Generally, human augmentation is the technology to improve human performance or capacities or augment the human body and physiology.

The field of human augmentation (also known as “Human 2.0”) focuses on producing cognitive and physical enhancements as an essential component of the human body, 

according to Gartner, who is also the inventor or publisher of hype-cycle.

“Human augmentation encompasses cognitive and physical enhancements, operating as an essential component of the human body.”

Human augmentation may be defined as a biological, artificial, or technological enhancement of the human body to strengthen mental or physical qualities.

How many types of human augmentation?

There are three kinds of human enhancement. And these augmentations take humanity to the next level. These are;

  • Replicating Human Abilities
  • Supplementary Human Abilities
  • Exceeding Human Abilities

Now we are going to elaborate on them step by step with their benefits and examples. So, first thing first,

Replicating Human Abilities:

Replication is the first stage of human augmentation. This term uses to describe human enhancement that restores or reproduces natural human skills. The human augmentation technology that will restore or duplicate daily human skills is known as replicating human abilities.


Replication helps in providing equal possibilities for people who have suffered a severe accident or illness. And for those who were born with deficiencies and confronted with obstacles in achieving their necessities. In this respect, the devices used to provide their users with a wide range of psychological support.

For example:

  • Cochlear Implant
  • eSight
  • Bioprinting
  • MotionSavvy etc.
Human Augmentation 
Human Augmentation 2022
Replicating Human Abilities
Human Augmentation 2022: Examples of Replicating Human Abilities

Supplementary Human Abilities:

Supplementation is the second stage of human augmentation. Supplementation refers to human enhancements that enhance our capabilities in some way. The human enhancement technology that improves one’s capacity to perform specific tasks is supplementary human abilities.


This technology enhances our physical or intellectual limits that can alter our society and improve our chances. Some gadgets artificially boost a person’s strength, vision, or intelligence beyond what is normally possible.

For example:

Here are some Supplementary Human Augmentation examples,

  • Exoskeletons
  • Neuralinks
  • Waverly Labs
  • Google Glass
  • HoloLens 2 etc.
Human Augmentation
Human Augmentation 2022
Supplementary Human Abilities
Human Augmentation 2022: Examples of Supplementary Human Abilities

Exceeding Human Abilities:

Exceeding is the third stage of human augmentation. Exceeding augmentation refers to human enhancements that go beyond what we can achieve on our own. The technology that allows us to improve skills and abilities that we would otherwise be unable to perform due to our physical limitations is known as exceeding human abilities. 


The capacity to perceive ultra and infrared light, breath underwater, capability to fly, and smell compounds that are not yet detectable by the human olfactory sense is just only possible through exceeding augmentation.

For example:

  • Zapata Flyboard Air
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Artificial Blood Cell
  • Nanobot
  • Synthetic Memory Chip etc.
Human Augmentation 
Human Augmentation 2022
Exceeding Human Abilities
Human Augmentation 2022: Examples of Exceeding Human Abilities

How human augmentation changes the future of humanity?

Before telling this that how human augmentation changes the future of humanity? First, I have some questions Do you want to live a life without any disability? Do you want to live a life with extraordinary skill? 

Everyone loves superheroes and wants to be like that. So, if you had a chance so would you like to be like them? I know the answer must be a big “YES.”

We are at the very start of the incredible journey of contemporary human enhancement. Human enhancement saved countless lives and enhanced the experiences of millions of people every day that we haven’t seen before. We should also remember that the augmentation will go beyond human augmentation; we will also increase and upgrade technology for devices that we deal with and rely on – for example, vehicles and planes.

Recent scientific advancements in the field, like biotechnology, information technology, and nanotechnology, show that humanity is on the verge of a technological revolution. 

Will this affect humankind?

A future augmentation revolution may trigger by increasing efforts to help people with abnormalities and heal the diseased. Scientific development is accelerating in fields like restorative and therapeutic technologies that can impact human augmentation.

Zoltan Istvan stresses, there is plenty of money going into human augmentation. Which he feels is particularly important to brain implants and neuro-prosthetics, which could be a real gamechanger. “I have no question that you will go to a big supermarket in five to seven years and buy some headset, which you can already conceive about in the cloud in real-time.”

Regulation is necessary for human augmentation in a kind of a safe manner, eventually for society’s benefit, according to Kaspersky’s Marco Preuss.


In conclusion, Human augmentation has a vast and diverse scope in the future of humanity, and no one can deny its importance. This technology can improve our physical, cognitive, psychological, and moral capacities. Implants, medicines, genetic alteration, or machine interaction can have permanent and transitory impacts. The limits between health and disease, medication and improvement, normality, and abnormality are challenging.

Q#01: When did the practice of human augmentation begin?

ANS: Intelligence Augmentation, or IA, has been in use since the 1950s and refers to the effective application of information technology to improve human abilities.

Q#02: Is it ethical to enhance humans?

ANS: Many aspects of human enhancement have become so popular and socially accepted that they no longer raise challenging ethical concerns. Human augmentation is the conscious and intentional use of biotechnological power to boost or strengthen a person’s unique abilities and performances.

Q#03: Is there a discrepancy between augmentation and treatment?

ANS: A therapy is a treatment for a sickness or deficit with the goal of restoring health to an unwell individual. Enhancement is a term that refers to the development or improvement of a feature, ability, or activity.

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