Remote Teaching Apps 2022: 7 Best Online Teaching Apps

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The fast advancement of technology and modern devices has improved our lifestyles in many respects. In the field of online education, for example, there seems to be a change in the way students are taught thanks to the creation of applications and websites. As a result, many teachers throughout the globe are making a career out of digital education.

For a growing number of people all over the globe, online teaching is increasingly becoming a viable source of income. This is mostly due to the multiple benefits it provides over traditional teaching methods. Flexibility in working hours, the ability to reach a larger number of people, the use of simple equipment, and online tool accessibility are just a few of the perks.

Another crucial component of online education is that, as a result of the awful conditions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, a large number of teachers have (temporarily) abandoned their classrooms and are now instructing students online.

All teachers and students who want to take classes online will find this article valuable. We’ll go through some of the most beneficial applications for teachers, as well as a short glance at the advantages of these teaching apps. Let’s start with ;

01. Google Meet

Google Meet 
Online Teaching Apps
Google Meet: Best Online Teaching Apps

Google Meet is a Google video conferencing platform. For teachers, students, and businesses, meeting via audio and video conferences is a fantastic option. Although It is modeled on Google Hangouts, it has its own set of features.

Google Meet is originally intended for conducting video meetings. You may, however, enable the camera and microphone separately, allowing you to operate it just for voice calls if needed.

One of the finest features of Google Meet is that it does not require any desktop program installation. Anyone on the call (both the organizer and the participants) must have a contemporary web browser.

Best Features:

  • Google Meet is ideal for team meetings since it enables quick and frequent engagement. 
  • It has private chat, video conferencing, and phone capabilities, all of which are quite useful during chats. 
  • Data transmission is quite useful during a conference. For a staff meeting, sharing a display and presenting data is ideal.  
  • Apart from the fact that Google Meet is connected with Google services, we may just use our email and an URL to attend the meeting.

How to use Google Meet:

Here’s how to enjoy the free version of Google Meet in 4 easy and simple ways, once you’ve signed up:

  • Go to and complete the form as per instructions.
  • To begin a new meeting, click Start New Meeting or type your meeting code.
  • Select a Google account to use.
  • Select the Join Meeting option. You’ll be able to invite people to your meeting as well.

02. ZOOM

Online Teaching Apps
Zoom: Best Online Teaching Apps

Zoom is a cloud-based online meeting software offering audio and video conferencing, webinars, conference recordings, and online chat among its capabilities. Since the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, the number of individuals who use Zoom for meetings and conferences, group sessions, and online learning has risen dramatically. 

Zoom make you able can keep track of your group using gallery view mode and screen sharing, which allows you to see specific members at a glance. To attend a meeting, students do not need to register a Zoom account, and it is compatible with all major pc and mobile devices. As a result, anyone with a stable internet connection may access it.

Best Features:

  • Users may share planner and tutoring classes, as well as interact with multiple students, using Zoom Education.
  • Users may use great tools like one-click document sharing, virtual whiteboarding, and more to maintain their students’ focus on their lessons.
  • With a steady internet connection, it is easily available on all electronic gadgets.

How to use the Zoom app?

  • First, download the Zoom app on your devices ( Android, PC, or Mac)
  • After that, you’ll receive an email with a link, meeting ID, and password from the Zoom organizers.
  • After clicking the provided link, you will be sent to a new screen with the option to join a meeting; click it.
  • Enter your meeting id and pass provided by zoom organizers.
  • You will then see join with video and join with audio choices to connect with others. Click on the option you want to join.
  • Congratulations, you now have access to your session.

03. Educreations

Online Teaching Apps
Educreations: Best Online Teaching Apps

Educreations is a whiteboard art and recording program that assists instructors and students in creating more engaging and enriched presentations. Because Educreations is an iPad software, you’ll need an Apple iPad to utilize it.

On the Educreations website or iOS app, users may record, share, and evaluate interactive learning experiences. Users may upload photographs to their whiteboard and tag them in real-time on a screen with the free version.

Best Features:

  • It’s easy to use, making it perfect for evaluating student abilities.
  • Assessment will take on a whole new meaning when you put this software in the hands of your second language learners.
  • Students may create projects that appeal to all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy by combining words and visuals.
  • By establishing your content library, you may stop rehashing audio/video recordings year after year, decreasing your work over time.

How to use Educreations?

  • As a student or a teacher, create an account on Educreations. You can register with your school throughout this procedure if your institution has an Educreations Premium membership.
  • A “+” symbol will appear on the site or in the application, making it easy to develop a new lesson plan. When you click this, the whiteboard will open and a voice recording will begin.
  • Draw on your whiteboard, use your camera roll to drag and drop photographs, and discuss it instantaneously.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a “Done” button that you may press after you’re done. You’ll be given the choice of saving your lesson or starting afresh.

04. Schoology

Online Teaching Apps
Schoology: Best Online Teaching Apps

Schoology acts similarly to a teacher’s website or a classroom’s digital development. Multiple institutions leverage the Schoology application to educate students remotely. Schoology is an LMS (learning management system) that enables schools to develop and share educational techniques. 

Notifications, important events, photos, bulletins, chats, activities, videos, and more are all accessible on a teacher’s Schoology website. Clever is used by students to access Schoology. In some aspects, Schoology is like Facebook. Within an online class, faculty and students interact through videos, presentations, or statistics.

Best Features:

  • To promote students’ ability to learn goals, Schoology uses both a competence model of grading and regular numeric marks.
  • It’s convenient to provide assignments to learners no matter where they are thanks to this digital platform.
  • Quick tests, locally defined goals, and district-wide examinations are all possible options for assessments.
  • Both parents and students use Schoology to get updates and course content.

How to use Schoology?

  • Sign up first into Schoology, then select “students.” Enter the access code that was provided to you.
  • Then enter your school email address and the same password that you use to log on to a PC at school.
  • Then fill out the registration form. You will be taken on a virtual tour of the site. Continue clicking next until you reach the end of the tour.
  • Then click on “courses”, then to your “current period”, then to “discussion”, and finally to “Schoology blog part 1”.
  • In a coherent statement, respond to questions.
  • You’ve completed the process.

05. Teacherkit

Online Teaching Apps
TeacherKit: Best Online Teaching Apps

TeacherKit is a simple, easy-to-use, and feature-rich classroom management tool for iOS and Android that makes day-to-day education a pleasure. It relieves you of the burden of everyday administration, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most to you as a teacher.

TeacherKit makes it simple to manage sessions and students; you can simply track attendance, conduct, and grades with just a few clicks. Teachers in K-12, higher education staff, business trainers, and others can utilize it.

Best Features:

  • Make a seating plan for your students and print it.
  • Add student conduct remarks.
  • Make a grading scheme and keep track of the students’ grades.
  • Keep track of your student’s progress and the class’s progress as a whole.

How to use Teacherkit?

  • Teacherkit students will be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.
  • To create an account, click “Sign in” or “Sign up.”
  • Simply scan the QR code to add the student code.
  • Examine your classes, conduct, attendance, and grades.

06. Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Online Teaching Apps
Google Classroom: Best Online Teaching Apps

Google Classroom is a free online teaching tool developed by Google that allows educators to arrange courses, generate syllabi, and communicate tasks with students without using paper. The platform facilitates collaborative learning by integrating Google Apps such as Google Docs, Worksheets, and PowerPoint. 

This isn’t an LMS (Learning Management System) like Chalkboard, but it could work in the same way, permitting instructors to share content with learners, assign assignments, make presentations, and more, just from one site that works on a variety of devices.

Best Features:

  • Each student in a class has their Classroom page where they may submit all of their work.
  • Teachers are free to rearrange and organize their lessons as they see fit.
  • Teachers can utilize decimal points while marking assignments in Google Classroom thanks to integrated decimal grading in the classroom.
  • Using this new capability, teachers and administrators may now transfer control of Classroom courses to other instructors without having to rebuild them.
  • Students may now get a unique class code from their teachers on full screen, allowing them to swiftly join new classes.

How to use Google Classroom?

  • Select “Go to Classroom” from
  • Click Next after entering your Classroom account’s email address.
  • Click Next after entering your password.
  • If a welcome message appears, read it and press enters to Accept.
  • Click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher if you have a Google Workspace for Education account.
  • This option will not be shown to users with personal Google Accounts.
  • To begin, click the Get Started button.

07. Kahoot

Online Teaching Apps
Kahoot: Best Online Teaching Apps

Schools and other educational institutions use the Kahoot app as an educational platform since it offers a game-based learning experience. It may be used to assess students’ learning outcomes as well as to provide a respite from the monotony of traditional academic work. It has both academic games and cognitive questions. 

“Kahoots” are user-created multiple-choice quizzes that may be accessed either through an app or a web browser. To construct instantly playable contests, teachers only need to write a set of questionnaires and solutions and upload them to the Kahoot! program. It enables instructors in creating their online courses more fun and informative.

Best Features:

  • Kahoot app encourages students to compete against their top marks from the past. This is conducted in order to boost performance.
  • You are welcome, to utilize the quizzes that have been made by other instructors. It’s also possible to integrate several Kahoots.
  • To improve your learning experience more exciting, use YouTube videos directly or add your graphics and videos.

How to Create Kahoot?

  • Log in to with your test questions prepared.
  • By hitting Quiz, you may build a sequence of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • Depending on the type of difficulty, customize each Kahoot question by adjusting the time duration and scoring method.
  • Lastly, use photos and videos in your content to make it more interesting and/or to provide hints.

Conclusion: Start Your Online Teaching Career

The popularity of online teaching applications is growing, and many people are seeking for the finest LMS platforms to use to take classes quickly and efficiently. Educators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage their students and assure that students learn as quickly and successfully as possible. 

Despite the fact there’s no one-size-fits-all method of learning, the above-mentioned online teaching programs stand out since they enhance students as well as those who are interested in academics. The detailed list above contains all you need to know to assist your students to discover which technique works best for them and how they can constantly improve.

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