iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: Is it reliable to unlock iOS devices?

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iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: Is it reliable to unlock iOS devices?

The sales rate of the iPhone is increasing day by day, and it was approximately $38.9 billion in the 4th quarter of the current fiscal year 2021. In the increasing demand for iOS devices, people are also facing a problem, regarding unlocking their devices.

And they are in search of a reliable and effective tool that can unlock their devices regardless of the lock type. If you are one of them who need to unlock their device. So, stop searching now you are on the right platform where your all queries will resolve.

One of the most popular or well-known unlocking tools is an iMyFone LockWiper. Many alternatives of LockWiper are available but, if we talk about LockWiper, LockWiper sets a different place in the world of unlocking tools due to its unique features. So, we will discuss all of its features step by step. So, let’s start.

iMyFone LockWiper
iMyFone LockWiper Review
iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: Is it reliable to unlock iOS devices?
iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: Is it reliable to unlock iOS devices?

What is iMyFone LockWiper?

iMyFone LockWiper is the tool for unlocking passcode, PINs, fingerprints ID, or anything else that makes you sure to get back access to your device without any loss of data. It can delete Apple ID without a password. This tool not only unlocks iPhone or iPad but can unlock android devices, as well. It also supports unlocking the activated devices.

Is it legal?

There could be many reasons that your iPhone/iPad gets locked.

  • You forgot your password.
  • Your device screen may break.
  • Due to some reasons, your face or touch ID feature was not responding to you.

And you need to unlock your device and want to regain access. So, LockWiper is legitimate software and one of the most popular tools in the market to use and unlock the device.

Is it Safe?

iMyFone LockWiper is an absolutely safe and reliable tool to use. You will not face any security issues during downloading and installing because this tool has been scanned with different anti-virus programs.

So, feel free to use this fantastic tool. But you need to backup before using this tool because it will remove all kinds of data from your iPhone/iPad.

Is it Expensive?

If you want to purchase its full version, then you can visit its official website but, for your convenience, I am listing their plan here;

  • 1-Month plan: for 1-device it is $29.95
  • 1-Year plan: for 1-device it is $39.95
  • Lifetime plan: for 1-device it is $59.95 

For a lifetime plan, the price may vary from $59.95 to $349.95, depending on the number of devices.

Is LockWiper has any free version?

Yes, it has a 7-days free trial version to know it in a better way. That how it will work? Will this tool be effective or not? This 7-days free trial version is only for your satisfaction. But you cannot capable unlocking your device with this free version.

Once you get satisfied with this free trial version, then you can decide whether to buy it or not. The choice is yours.

Some pros and cons:

As you know that every invention has its some cons and pros. Likewise, iMyFone LockWiper has also some cons and pros. Some are;


  • LockWiper is absolutely safe and secure.
  • It can unlock any kind of passcodes within a few easy steps.
  • Can use a free 7-days trial version with limited features.
  • Bypass iPhone’s screen time limitations.
  • You will not face any type of security issue.
  • It does support both Windows and Mac systems.


  • Complete loss of data.
  • Late responding time and can take at least a day.
  • The success rate for the latest iOS models is low.
  • No money-back guarantee: which means it will, almost impossible for you to get back the money once you purchase its full version.
  • After removing the lock, your device’s iOS version will be, updated to the latest edition.

How to use iMyFone LockWiper?

Now, the critical question is that how to use this tool? So, the answer to this question is briefly explained in the following steps and also visually displayed in the images, just for your convenience. So these are,

STEP#01: First, download and install the LockWiper software on your PC.

STEP#02: Proceed LockWiper and choose the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option from the main menu.

iMyFone LockWiper
How to use iMyFone LockWiper?
iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: How to use iMyFone LockWiper?

STEP#03: Now, create a link between the iOS device and the PC. Then click “Next” to move on further.

iMyFone LockWiper
How to use iMyFone LockWiper?
iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: How to use iMyFone LockWiper?

STEP#04: Now, match the firmware package with your iOS model and after that, download it.

STEP#05: Click “Start Unlock” to unlock your iOS device.

STEP#06: Your device is unlocked.

iMyFone LockWiper
How to use iMyFone LockWiper?
iMyFone LockWiper Review 2021: How to use iMyFone LockWiper?

In a Nutshell:

Summing up all in one question, does iMyFone LockWiper really works? iMyFone LockWiper is an intriguing screen unlocking software that works in some circumstances, but it also has certain drawbacks that make us concerned that it won’t meet everyone’s unlocking demands.

You probably don’t need this if you’re a techie who knows how to utilize your phone, especially when it comes to obscure settings like the iPhone Recovery mode. However, if you are not a tech expert and need to unlock your iPhone, this app might be able to assist you.

Any other Alternate of this tool:

LockWiper is a fantastic tool, but if you’re seeking a LockWiper replacement that also erases all data throughout the unlocking process, we’ve got you covered. Here we have another super cool unlocking tool Tenorshare 4ukey Review. That has the power to unlock your iOS device within minutes with 3 easy steps.


  1. Does iMyFone LockWiper work on android phones?
Yes, iMyFone LockWiper is also applicable for android and can easily and quickly bypass the locks including, 4-digit, 6-digit passcode, PINs, and Face/Touch ID.

2. Does LockWiper delete all the data while unlocking the device?

Yes, you indeed need to backup before unlocking. In fact, up till now, there is no other tool or software made which does not delete data. It means all the tools lose the data while unlocking the device.

3. Is there is any difference between bypassing and unlocking the iPhone Apple device?

What exactly is a bypass?  They are, without a doubt, two very distinct entities. Simply Bypass means to pass over and, to unlock means to delete completely. When you unlock some limitations, they are removed completely. 
They become unable to reappear.  However, when you skip anything, such as an MDM configuration profile, you are simply passing it over, rather than completely removing it from your device. 
It isn't to say that bypassing is a waste of time! There are a variety of situations in which unlocking your device is impossible and, only Bypass can save it from a deep sleep.

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